Red Galanga is a fine casual restaurant that combines fine dining with a casual atmosphere.

Our intention is to reflect the diversity, color, and vibrancy of our neighborhood and to create a place people feel at home. We serve fresh, healthy, chef-inspired, farmer's market sensible dishes at an affordable price in a relaxed environment. Our dedication to using only the finest ingredients extends not only to the raw products but to everything else we use in our recipes.

And while we maintain a traditional menu, we also like experimenting with new trends, and coming up with new dishes to keep it fresh, affordable and delicious for all our guests.


Red Galanga is led by an executive chef with a fine dining background and experience cooking from Five Stars Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Pete/ Chef -owner who has extensive background in restaurant business since he was very young. His family has owned restaurant business for many generations. His love for cooking has inspired him to open his very own restaurant.

Chef Ken was the executive chef at Five Stars Sivatel Hotel prior to joining us. He has over 15 years of experiences about Southeast Asia and European culinary.

Chef Jackie was from another 5 stars Grand Millennium Hotel. He has more than 10 years extensive experiences in Modern Japanese, Spain and German Cuisine. He uses new techniques incorporated with modern cooking style. Our chefs bring their unique backgrounds, culinary interests and personal flare to create a unique feel at our restaurant.